Little Lovely Things

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Published by: Sourcebooks Landmark
Release Date: April 2, 2019
Pages: 280
ISBN13: 978-1-492672-49-4

What would you do in the face of enormous loss?

It's 1993, the first Saturday in September—impossibly hot—and Claire Rawlings is driving her two girls to the daycare at the University of Chicago Hospital where as a resident, she is scheduled for rounds. Ignoring the troublesome signs of a sudden allergic reaction, Claire exits off the freeway to safety, only to pass out cold. When she wakes up, her daughters are gone.


LITTLE LOVELY THINGS is a haunting and prismatic exploration of how tragedy can transform lives. With lyrical prose and page-turning momentum, the story unfolds through the viewpoint of four characters: Claire, the devastated yet strong-willed mother; Moira, the transient who finds herself thrust into instant motherhood; soulful Jay, whose grisly discovery brings him to the center of the tragedy; and Andrea, the scrappy and wildly talented tomboy.

Traversing the landscape of loss, LITTLE LOVELY THINGS ties together the threads of lives shattered, hope lost, and—finally—joy restored.




 "Connolly’s lyrical writing style and the fast-paced narrative draw in the reader right away. This is a riveting novel bolstered by its flawed, believable characters."

 - Publishers Weekly

 "Debut author Connolly’s poetic sensibility shines through the prose in scenes that shimmer with emotion...hope is present throughout, a beacon carrying the reader to the final pages."

- Booklist                                        



“LITTLE LOVELY THINGS is a shattering adventure. The scenes jump off the page as they hurtle toward a conclusion that the reader doesn’t see coming.”

-Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean


"Combining the suspense and razor-sharp outlook of a Gillian Flynn novel, Maureen Connolly's debut sizzles. I finished LITTLE LOVELY THINGS in one heartbreaking, tear-batting gulp. Connolly takes risks that make the reader's heart start anew. Finding shards of hope amidst the chaos of tragedy is a testament to both the writer, and the characters she creates."

-Jenny Milchman USA Today bestselling author of Wicked River

“Get ready – LITTLE LOVELY THINGS will take your emotions on a ride. Connolly skillfully places readers on a tightrope between hurt and hope from the opening pages until the very last sentence. This is a heartbreaking and compelling story about guilt, trust, and forgiveness that will stay with readers for a long time.”

 -Nic Joseph, author of Boy, 9, Missing

"Maureen Joyce Connolly's debut novel, LITTLE LOVELY THINGS, is a brave and uncompromising glimpse into child abduction and the fractured world it leaves in its wake. With an unflinching gaze, Connolly boldly juxtaposes the darkest crevices of a mother's grief against the all too human side of criminality and the forces that could drive one to the unspeakable."

-Vivian Schilling, Filmmaker/Author of Quietus

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