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Archive for July 2019

Interview with Author Daniela Petrova

Interview with Author Daniela Petrova, #Interview #Books, #DanielaPetrova

It is my pleasure to present an interview with Daniela Petrova, author of the debut novel, Her Daughter’s Mother, released June 18 by Putnam. Her Daughter’s Mother is a suspense novel about a woman in her late thirties who has it all—an apartment in Manhattan, a great job as an art curator at the Met,…

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Becoming An Author: Reflecting on My Second Act

Becoming An Author: Reflecting on My Second Act #author #career #writing

With the release of my debut novel, Little Lovely Things, I have been a published author for a whopping four months now. Before that, I was a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, my head is spinning! And yes, it took courage and meant “reinventing myself” – a scary phrase if there ever was…

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